Sunday, July 26, 2009

Masaajid Field Trip

Tariq/ Najm and Qamar groups were out on a field trip today. It was educational and fun! We started off from Oasis School at 11 am on the dot, Alhamdulillah. First stop was Masjid e Qadriya. We were given a special permission to visit the masjid, Subhan Allah. We got to discuss the ettiquites of visiting a masjid, the purpose of the masjid in the Prophet's time and the role of masjid's today. The students were in awe with the architecture, the vastness of the masjid. Alhamdulillah, they got to ask any questions they had on mind - (one asked: why are we - kids- pushed/moved to the last row in the jamah? Another was inquisitive about why women weren't allowed).

Next, we went to Centre of Islamic Studies (North Road). We looked through the books at their library. Then, we were showed the masjid and wudu area. The masjid was small and very simple. In terms of the architecture, the students could compare how one (masjid e Qadriyah) was elegant, beautiful and huge and other (CIS) was simple and small. We talked about the requirement for a masjid - it's not the minaret or the chandellier or the size. It's the activities that it holds - education for all groups - muslims, non muslims, and young and old, salah, tarbiyah - it's a centre for muslim activity.

Alhamdulillah, it was a beneficial trip. Jazak Allah for the administration and the teachers that made it possible!

Here are the pictures. Click on the picture, to view the entire album.

Masaajid Trip - Burooj

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