Saturday, February 27, 2010

Burooj Quiz Contest.

BUROOJ REALIZATIONHere Knowledge Knocks …..

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This is the motto, the slogan, the drive that propels Burooj onward. Burooj Realization is a pioneer in imparting Islamic Education by means of seminars and training programs.

It aims at giving an Islamic identity to a child. Its purpose is to breed a generation of Muslims who learn and adopt the Islamic teachings wherein showing the world what true Islam is all about. Its target audience is all those parents who wish to give their child Islamic Education but find Islamic schools not feasible. Its goal is to create a leader in every child as Burooj believes each child is a STAR. Since its inception in 2008 in Mumbai Burooj Realization has spruced up in many cities across India. Some cities swank of more than one center. However the core, the ideology, the dogma is Quality, Quality and Quality…. Quality Education, Quality Seminars, Quality Workshops, Quality Teachers and Quality Time. Burooj Education is the brain-child of Mr. Dawood Vaid. It’s his vision to bring revolution in the system of teaching Islam that led to germination of the idea of Burooj.

Burooj aspires in imparting education with a difference. The doctrine followed is fun-learn interactive way of teaching. A big no-no to sterile and unproductive mode of imparting knowledge. The environment is prolific, creative and assiduous. There are no sessions, seminars or workshops of Burooj without an activity; it could be in form of quiz, role plays, skits, art and craft, etc. In its 2 hour session it teaches Surah’s of noble Quran with its meaning and related Hadeeths, the Fundamentals of Islam, the Stories of Prophets, Biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Daily Duas and related activities. It also empowers a child in terms of Personality Development, Public Speaking, Inculcating sound Morals etc. And there is more, for teenagers, parents and teachers! Burooj has special seminars and worshops ranging from topics like anger management, Goal setting, X files, My parents are dinosaurs, etc…

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Burooj Education is an ever-evolving entity with a radical philosophy. It mixes the contemporary with the Islamic teachings and gives you a fresh model that cannot be flouted because of its viability and functionality. One of the innovations of Burooj was the reviving of Inter-School Quizzing culture with the Burooj Quiz Contest.

The first- ever event of this kind was held on 7th February, 2010 at Anjuman-Islam School –Mumbai Central from 10 am-1 pm. One expected the crowd to trickle at around 9:45 but lo and behold the crowd was already streaming in from 8:30, such was the enthusiasm and anticipation.

There were so many colors, different school uniforms -- a blend of Islamic and Secular schools. A word of appreciation to convent schools for encouraging their students to participate displaying the principal’s avant-garde thinking. The air was thick with passion and keenness. One could smell the gusto and feel the zeal and fervor of the candidates. There were more than 120 groups, each group comprising of 3 students, swelling the number of participant to over 350.

Add to that the parents and teachers and the Burooj team, it was a mini carnival. It was a snag free process full of fun, knowledge and PRIZES. There were prizes not just for participants but for the audiences too.

The students were divided into primary and secondary section. The primary students consisted of students from Std 3-6 and secondary from Std 7-10. The competition began with written quiz. It was amazing to see the confidence of the candidates, there was no nail-biting, no nervousness, no temper flaring; they all had cast off their inhibitions and were geared up to start the quiz. Whilst the candidates were answering their papers, Dawood Vaid was briefing the audience about Burooj and the procedure of selection and elimination of the finalists. The top 4 from each section were brought on stage for the final interactive quiz session.

The finalists from primary section were Al-Jamatul-Fikriya, Al-Madni, Al-Muminah and Safa School. The finalists from secondary section were Islamic International School, St Harris School, Fazlani la Academia and Al-Muminah. The Interactive quiz started with Quiz Master Dawood Vaid introducing the teams. There were 4 categories- Warm-up, Buzzer Round, Audio-Visual and Rapid Fire Question.

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The team from primary section with high scores in the Warm-up and Buzzer Round was Al-Jamatul-Fikriya, while in secondary it was Islamic International School. The zest for the quiz was unbelievable, with each team wanting to score more to go higher. The candidates’ expertise and skill were open to the elements their intelligence and erudition were very well applauded. There were questions for the audience as well and many took Burooj mug with them as an award for accurate answers. There were some witty very Burooj –like questions for e.g. What age did Prophet Isa die 33 or 35?, Which hand did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) use? etc.. Of course Prophet Isa did not die and was taken up Alive and Prophet Muhammad could neither read nor write!

There were some questions loaded with connotation like the last Hadeeth of Sahih Bukhari, the implication of which is that we start things but we do not end it. In all it was not only informative assembly in terms of book knowledge but also enriching in terms of wisdom and experience. The Audio-Visual had the girls of Al-Muminah leading the group alongwith Al-Jamatul-Fikriya. The secondary section was dominated by Islamic International School boys, they were the ones holding the reins of the game so far.

The final rapid fire question round for 60 seconds was the real tester, where the weak would wilt under the pressure. Jungle rule applied here - the strongest and fastest shall rule, but everybody was the king, no withering away with the stress, no impediment, everybody went through this round like aces. These young children truly are the stars, they all are winners, and everybody should acclaim their feat. Unfortunately somebody has to win, in true style of grand finale there was a tie for second place between the Al-Muminah and Al-Madni school in the primary section. They had a buzzer round to decide the winner and Al-Madni boys swept it off. The winners of the Islamic Inter School Quiz Contest were Al-Jamatul-Fikriya and Islamic International School and second place were Al-Madni and Fazlani School in Primary and Secondary section respectively. The hero of the quiz was Abdullah of Al-Jamatul-Fikriya, watch out for him, he was the master blaster.

The contest concluded on notes of jubilation and hearty euphoria. Everybody was dragging their feet not ready to leave yet, still wanting to hold onto this sentiment of peace, whole-being, gratification and fulfillment. A Sunday morning perfectly spent.

The census ruled in favor of conducting Burooj Islamic Inter School Quiz Contest in 2011 again. So for all those who missed this enriching experience, see you next year, don’t forget to book your seats.

Shabana Patel - Event Star; Burooj Angels

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"CHILD-ANGER MANAGEMENT" - Workshop for Parents


Ø Learn to accept this emotion of child

Ø Equip Yourself with powerful techniques to tame ‘the volcano inside’

The Prophet (peace be upon him said): “The strong is not the one who over comes the people by his strength” “But the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger.” (Bukhari)

DATE: 16th January 2010

ADDRESS: BIFT Hall, Queens Road,

TIME: 4 pm - 7 pm


  • Weekend Islamic classes
  • Teacher’s Training Workshops
  • School Consultancy

For details call

98451 19641 / 98457 88745-Frazer town



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