Monday, June 30, 2008

Burooj Weekend Islamic Classes in Bangalore

On 6th July 2008, Burooj Education will be holding their Parents’ Orientation and Registration Ceremony for their Weekend Islamic Classes. Burooj Education brings exciting Islamic classes for children (5-12 years old) and teens (13-19 years old).

Parents’ Orientation is scheduled for 6th July at COS Hall, (Darusalam, Queens Road) 5 pm onwards. The event will discuss parenting models in the light of the Prophetic way and laced with examples of Sahabas and their children. An Oscar winning documentary – *"March of the Penguins"* will also be showcased. The workshop is intended for parents, brothers and sisters who are or just have entered the wedlock, and anyone who deals with children – whether professionally or at home. Parents are requested to register their children (5-12 years old) at the Parents’ Orientation.

Registration for the teens’ program, called “Music to the Ears”, starts at 10:30 am, and will be held at Oasis International School (16 Saunders Road, Frazer Town). The program will challenge the participants to dare, dream and finally, discover. To book a spot, please contact 9845452748 or 9845119641.

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